The Sims Freeplay Cheats

  • Tuesday, Jan 9, 2024

The Sims Freeplay is a simulation game that allows you to create and customize your own characters, known as Sims, and build houses for them to live in. You have control over their Sims and you make them complete achievements and life goals to gain Simoleons, Lifestyle Points and Social Points, the currencies in the game. This game was developed for mobile phones. Unlike the Windows version of The Sims, players have to control their sims’ every action, as they have no autonomy. Let’s have a look at some of the Sims Freeplay cheats 2023 you can use to become one of the best at this game!


In this game, Simoleons, Lifestyle Points and Social Points (XP) are the currencies. Although Simoleons are the main currency, it is easy for players to earn them. Lifestyle Points (LP) are much harder to earn and can be bought in-game through real currency. Not having enough LPs can slow down your progress in this game. Here are some of the ways through which you can earn LPs without having to access The Sims Freeplay mod versions!

  • Get more Sims: the first thing you should do is get as many Sims as you possibly can. The maximum number of Sims you can have in this game is 35. Get as many Sims as possible in one house and put haunted items all over the house. Your Sims will start searching for ghosts by tapping these haunted items. You will gain more LP as they do.
  • Catch ghosts: another reliable way for you to earn more LPs is by going on a ghost chase. In addition to earning LPs, you will be getting more XPs as well. 25 minutes of ghost hunting could get you up to 10 LPs and this could go a long way in this game!
  • Treasure hunt: turns out that simulated treasure hunts are almost as fun as the real deal. Your pets will do the treasure hunting for you, so you do not have to break a sweat. You should buy as many pets as you possibly can and send them on a chase! However, you should remember that this might not bring anything.

The Sims Freeplay Tips and Tricks

While these are not exactly Sims freeplay cheats, these tips and tricks will help you advance better in the game. Do these and gain more in-game currency.

  • Gardening will help you advance in the game. If you want to earn bonuses early on in the game, you should garden a lot. You can add garden plots to your Sims’ homes and gardens regularly. Completing a gardening task will give you Simoleons and XP. Seeds cost different amounts of money and take different amounts of time to grow. The best thing about gardening is that it doesn’t need you to be on the game for the task to be completed. So, you can make all your Sims gardens before you go to bed. However, beware of genetically modified vegetable seeds. While they could give you more rewards than regular seeds, they could also turn into plant mutants.
  • Create careers by building your town. For your Sims to get a job, you will have to build businesses and centres. There are several job opportunities for your Sims. They include teacher, athlete, politician, firefighter, scientist, real estate agent, artist, actor and musician. You can choose different careers for each of your Sims. When they go to work daily, you get XP points and Simoleons. The higher a Sim career level is, the more rewards they bring.
  • Let your Sims have hobbies. There are hobbies for each major age group. Before your Sims can have these hobbies, you would have to build the necessary buildings. Preteen hobbies can be ballet, figure skating, diving and karate. Teen hobbies consist of Teen Idol, diving and figure skating. Adult hobbies include ghost hunting, diving, woodworking, fashion designing, fishing and many more. Fishing is one of the easiest hobbies for your Sims to practice. All you have to do is call your Sim to the park and click on the pier for them to start fishing. Your Sims will become experts the more they practice their hobbies and this will bring you many more XPs.
  • Spend your LPs wisely. LPs are extremely valuable in this game. One great way for you to spend your LPs is by buying pets. Each home can contain up to 2 pets. These pets will help you treasure hunt and earn more money. The more expensive a pet is, the more money it will find for you. You have four pet options: cat, dog, reindeer and rabbit.
  • Another way for you to spend your LPs wisely is by using them to complete your tasks. This will come in handy if you have limited time to complete a quest or get a bonus. To complete your tasks, you will have to spend 1 LP per hour.
  • You can use LPs to fulfil your Sims’ basic needs. Your Sims are just like you and they cannot survive if you don’t take care of them. Some of their basic needs include eating, sleeping and showering. Selecting the cupcake near the Sim’s face icon will fulfil all the Sim’s basic needs for 5 LPs.
  • Earn more XPs and Simoleons by completing tasks. Know which tasks to focus your energy on, so you can earn more in-game currency. For example, your Sim working or going to school every day will give you a significant amount of XP and Simoleons.
  • Another thing to do to get XP rapidly is make all your Sims tan. This activity takes up just 5 minutes and is a great way for you to get even more XPs. Imagine having 20 Sims tanning at the same time!
  • Get your Sims to be best friends, so that you can make them chest bump. The more they do that, the more bonuses you get!

Enjoy the Game

The most important thing for you to do is enjoy the game! - that is the key thing in all strategy guides. The Sims is exciting when you build your town and make your characters grow in their hobbies and careers. We hope that this guide and our Sims Freeplay hacks will help you!